The American Holistic Nurses Association Essay

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Introduction The American Holistic Nurses Association or AHNA (2014) states that Florence Nightingale, who subscribed to the philosophy that care focused on unity, wellness and the interaction between human beings and their environment, is widely considered as one of the pioneer holistic nurses. But what exactly is holistic nursing? Is its definition and application different from how Nightingale understood and practiced it? As the AHNA (2014) continues to afford, holistic nursing can be defined as “all practice by nurses that involves healing of the whole person as its goal.” This practice, as the AHNA (2014) continues to state, recognizes the entirety of the human being in regards to the interconnectedness of the body, spirit, mind, emotion, and the sociocultural relationship context relative to the environment. A key focus of holistic nursing is self-responsibility on the part of nurses to love and care for themselves first, so as to become a healing influence for patients (Thornton, 2008). Dossey & Keegan (2013), in their handbook for holistic nursing practice, describe the five elements that categorize holistic nursing practice to be based on knowledge, theories, expertise, intuition and creativity.
Additionally, these elements are further embedded into the core values of the scope and standards of holistic nursing practice as afforded by Mariano (2007), who states that these standard practices describe the duties that all registered nurses, regardless of specialty,…

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