The American History Of Welfare Essay

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About 110,489,000 of Americas are on welfare today. 39% of those individuals are black and 39% of the individuals are white (Statistic brain 2016). However society and media doesn’t portray, show, or talk about the 39% of whites on welfare. Americans perception of welfare dependency is viewed as a black cultural trait, not realizing the welfare program systematically excluded black people for most of its history (Roberts 1999: 204). And if it wasn’t for the civil rights movement Blacks wouldn’t be a part of the welfare program at all because it was created for only white mothers. With this inclusion the AFDC became more associated with black mother which led AFDC starting and creating the racialized stereotypical myth. Myths such as white people don’t use welfare at all, Black mothers keep having more kids so they can get more benefits, and the welfare queen.
The American history of welfare dates back to the progressive era and was used for a materialist legislative for women’s advocate.(Roberts 1999:204) The women crusaders advocated for the white mothers, persuading the public single motherhood was exigency and needed to be addressed (Roberts 1999:203). With their high concern the government eventually provided white mothers victims aid so that they didn’t have to give up their motherly duties at home in order to work. Yet, The sexual division the women crusaders believed in, ended up failing women in the welfare program because the women crusaders advocated for mothers…

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