The American Health Care System Essay

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For an American to be cured from an illness it does not indicate rest and treatment. Brian Wheeler writes and article in BCC News about why Americans do not take sick days (2016). He states that the main norm about being American indicates the importance of hard work and the claim that sickness is showing weakness seems to fit most workers in the country (Wheeler 2016). The American health care system does not work as many other systems of the west world countries. The government does not provide health care as countries like England, Sweden or Australia. Instead, the system is more privatized and fewer people are able to afford health insurance which could cost them their lives (Trevino 2015). In order to maintain a sustainable economic status by working hard and to show the employees that you are taking the job seriously, Americans are supposed to work no matter their health status (Wheeler 2016).
Structural functionalism is a perspective that focuses on society as a whole and suggests a theory of deviant behavior that includes people adapting the “sick role” to avoid social responsibilities (Trevino 2015). When studying the article, a functionalist of this theory would probably not feel satisfied. As Wheeler describes it, people are not adapting the role as being sick, even though they should. By not taking out sick days and continuously going to work, attending meetings and seminars, Wheeler says is due to the “American culture of saying that the workplace is no place to…

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