The American Education System Education Essay

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The American education system is a complete mess in regards to race divisions. The educational system is in fact the main contributor to race divisions in schools. More than half of the funding for schools come from “local sources” such as property taxes, stated by Eduardo Porter. This means that poorer neighborhoods get less funding than a rich neighborhood. This gap is huge, thus giving the rich an “edge” over the poor (Porter). Whites have usually been in the United States for more generations than Hispanics and Blacks, therefore they had time to work and build a foundation and pass on “property and a set of values”, as Fortgang states, to their descendants. But this does not mean that Whites should be able to already be ahead of Blacks and Hispanics in an educational system. By allowing property taxes to fund schools, the educational system is allowing Blacks and Hispanics to feel inferior, therefore creating the huge division. The American educational system should be almost completely funded by federal means, similar to other leading countries (I have to research this). If this system change is instituted, future generation will not have to face the racial divisions contracted from the educational systems at young ages.
Learning starts off at the moment a child is born. From birth to about ages of 3 or 4, a child is already able to do various things like, “make sounds that imitate the tones and rhythms that adults use when talking”, “associate words they hear…

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