The American Dream Essay example

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In 2014, the average American household had $15,611 in credit card debt. Affluenza is the unfulfilled feeling that results from the efforts of keeping up with the Joneses. Many Americans are in debt because they are in pursuit of the American dream and have an unsustainable addition to economic growth. There are high social and environmental costs of materialism and overconsumption. Some symptoms of affluenza include, low self-esteem, and depression. There is an assumption that money buys happiness, it is the myth of the American dream. Americans believe that money solves all problems and their emotional state is tied to financial matters.

In America, people often judge others wealth by their homes, vehicles and outer appearance. In Class Matters chapter 9, the main topic was how customers appeal to stores. One of the retail workers that was interviewed stated that she judged people on their finger nails because good nails/ a good manicure means money. Another retail worker said that one of her customers regularly bought expensive suits but looked like he was homeless. The main message of chapter 9 is that classes are so blurred and it is hard to decipher people with money and the ones without based on outer appearance.

Many people assume that if you have money, you dress a certain way. The fact is that you can never tell a persons wealth based on clothing and car choices. The person that is wearing the expensive clothes, may have found them at the Goodwill, the person…

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