The American Dream : The Lonely Selfish Pursuit Of A Better Life

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Today, American society seems to have become trapped behind a mirror, encouraged to pursue one’s own perfection and dreams above all others. Even during the conception of the country people uprooted their lives and left their families and everything they knew in hope for a better life for themselves. They left to explore a new land by themselves where no one knew them seeking to escape who they used to be. The early Americans pursued their self-advancement and the ability to climb the social ladder, and this possibility of a new life became known as the “American Dream:” the lonely selfish pursuit of a better life. This seed of hope was the plague that begot a largely solitary existence. The “American Dream” encourages a narcissistic lonely society, due to the fact that it focuses on the self and elevates one above the rest of society, isolating the self, therefore, leading it to loneliness.
North America’s initial allure was its vast expanses of land and available territory in which to expand. As the country grew, the people spread out west, and the territories seemed endless. Neighbors could be miles away and settlers enjoyed the serenity of isolation, and eventually the despair of loneliness. With the rise of industry, cities were formed and people cramped into smaller and smaller spaces, moving ever upward, as visible with skyscrapers of New York. But even in these crowded cities, people got lost in a sea of anonymity and were still plagued by loneliness. King in his…

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