American Dream: Immigrants In America

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Immigrants in America
The American dream is a concept that in America everyone has the same opportunity and is treated equally. The idea of the American dream was coined by writer James Truslow Adams, an American citizen. When looking into immigration and immigrants, it is known that they come to the United States of America to look for this “American dream” too. The American dream to immigrants are better opportunities for their family, work style, house living, etc. According to, in 2014 the population of immigrants in the United States of America was 42.4 million. This population increased by 1 million immigrants compared to the previous year. Most immigrants move from their homeland because of poverty. A lot of American
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Most natives tend to not realize that most immigrants take lower paying jobs and work for cheaper wages because of their lack of knowledge. When looking into the dual labour market theory, an economic theory on the economy, you will see why immigrants are not a threat to natives’ job opportunities. The dual labour market theory was created by Doeringer and Piore in 1971 when they took a look at the labour market. The theory consists on the concept that economy is divided into two parts, primary and secondary. Jobs in the primary market went to higher educated workers (natives) and the secondary jobs went to the less educated workers (immigrants). In 1979, Piore explains why immigrants are a must when it comes to the work force. He explains that there is “general labour shortages, the need to fill the bottom positions in the job hierarchy, and labour shortages in the secondary segment of a dual labour market” (Jennissen,2). The effect of immigrants not contributing to the workforce in America will be not having enough workers to complete the jobs that do not require high education and pays less. Immigrants help the economy in a way that they work for cheaper …show more content…
In October 2010, there were 2.2 million people unemployed in California. There are now 1.1 million fewer people unemployed. In California minimum wages increased from $8 to $10 in 2016. Over the past 12 months California had a 2.3% in job growth.
Generally speaking, natives of America look at immigrants in America as a negative thing. They feel as though they are terrorist that take away from their job opportunities. Immigrants on the other hand come to America to escape poverty and find better job opportunities. In the long run we can see how immigrants have a positive output on the economy when looking at the dual labour market theory. To conclude, I feel as though immigrants in America is a positive thing and I feel as though my research supports that. They take the jobs most natives in America will not take like janitors, house keepers, meat processors, etc. Ultimately, America provides immigrants their American dream by providing them with a better

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