Essay about The American Dream : Slipping Away

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The Oxford Dictionary defines the American Dream as “the ideal that every US citizen should have an equal opportunity to achieve success and prosperity through hard work, determination, and initiative.” The United States of America continues to pride itself on this virtue since its formation, aptly calling itself The Land of Opportunity. Indeed, many people have risen from unfortunate situations and attained degrees to live a sufficient lifestyle. However, there is a growing socioeconomic stratification in the school system that challenges if each student truly gets the same opportunity for higher education. An internal change should be endorsed to replace cemented inequalities and establish a proper egalitarian school system.
One indicator of socioeconomic class is the mere neighborhood a student grows and develops in. Residential segregation appears in virtually every region across the nation. It is a recurring pattern instilled in society. Those who are wealthy live in privileged neighborhoods with other wealthy people. Those who are poor are confined to deprived areas with other poor people. In The American Dream: Slipping Away?, Susan Neuman examines contrasting communities of affluence and poverty. Her longitudinal study describes the education system in Kensington and Chestnut Hill—two very distinct neighborhoods in Philadelphia. Kensington is characterized with having a multiethnic background and an alarming poverty rate of ninety percent. In stark contrast,…

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