Essay about The American Dream Of The United States

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The American dream in the united states is supposed to be possible for anyone to go graduate school, get a degree, own your house and take vacations on experiencing upward social mobility. The upward social mobility is almost impossible to receive, its not possible to all Americans especially African Americans, and you have been arrested or an immigrant its really Hard to live in the US. Living in America trying to achieve the American dream is almost impossible.

The American dream is almost impossible to achieve trying to live on the upward ladder of social mobility. If you are from poor family in the US its is almost hard to do anything, such as school supplies, books, and clothes. The US public school systems are not that great at all. The public school class sizes are ridiculously huge, the extra help you can receive is little t none, and the teachers are unhappy due to shortage in pay. Without money you cant have what you need for school such as supplies and clothes. If you are the outcast in the American school systems you usually get picked on and bullied making your school experience bad. With bullying comes a long road of unhappiness and get in the away of your learning which makes you not want to attend school. The students in a class are 30 to that 1 teacher. This makes learning almost impossible because they cant stop the learning every time a student doesn’t understand something; which is where the no kid left behind clause is betrayed all the time. The extra…

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