Essay about The American Dream Of The United States

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Lies Attempt to Overturn the Birthright Citizenship
Many people travel from other countries to the United States in hopes of living the American Dream. My grandparents were among those people. They moved here in hopes of giving their children a better life than they, themselves, were accustomed to. The sacrifice and hardships they endured while traveling to America were worth so much more for our family’s success. My parents, aunts, and uncles were blessed to be citizens of the United States through the birthright citizenship policy, simply by being born on United States soil. In my family, we have paid back my grandparent’s debt, in full and so much more, to the government that believes immigrants burden the U.S. economy. As an illustration, my family members are productive members of society. First, we have some members who have served in the armed forces. Second, some family members play a great role in our society, in the medical field, administration of justice, business, and school district. My grandparents worked very hard, working multiple jobs to support their family, which instilled a strong work ethic within their children, to gain successful lives. The birthright citizenship policy should be upheld, although other people may think otherwise. The people of the United States should not get rid of birthright citizenship because it is not ethical to take it away from undocumented Immigrants. The Fourteenth Amendment was introduced on July 28, 1868. The purpose of…

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