The American Dream: My Choice Of Life

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The American Dream is to have a great education, well-paying job, and means to support yourself. Everyone pursues achieving this dream by going to get a postsecondary degree or more. We live in a society where it isn’t getting easier to afford living. Throughout high school, you learn of many different circumstances people come from. Unfortunately the economy has been awful upon certain families that they cannot afford the basic necessities to send their children to school. Paying thousands of dollars to afford a job where you may be living paycheck to paycheck no matter where you studied. I chose VCU due to its relativity to my home now. Living my dream means that I must see reality for what it is and try my best to reach for opportunities. It is said on average that college …show more content…
I took her to the closest Wiccan shop and she was shocked, we walked in and we explained it to her in the library. The words spoken caused me distress, I was labelled the devil’s spawn and that she would never claim me if I chose this lifestyle. I had to reach an unfortunate decision. I chose my lifestyle, my family did not have to approve of my choice, and it is the life I happen to be inclined to live. Eventually they learned not to think of it as betraying them since I felt strongly that my choice of religion is what makes me who I am. I could not become anything except for Wiccan. I live each day under the rules of Wicca and I could not be happier. I am thankful for each morning I have to see the world, I hope to explore the world, experience different cultures, and gain knowledge from it all. I am Wiccan, and it is what makes me myself. It’s not that I happen to be an African American female, but it is my characteristics that I’ve grasped to from my experiences. It is the background story which creates the present person. Everyone’s minds work differently due to their backgrounds and it’s what makes society

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