The American Dream Is The Ideal That Every Us Citizen Essay

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The American dream is the ideal that every US citizen should have equal opportunities along with a prospering life with hope. Not every human is the same, when it comes to visions and opinions everyone is different. In comparing and contrasting the story of Marx and poem of Hughes in contrast there are different economical goals each writer wants for the people, ways work is obtained, and equality among the people. The two have a similarity as well, both writers are dissatisfied in the current world.
Both writers are not happy with the ways of their people and want changes. They want change based on their visions of how life should be. Hughes portrays the American Dream as a place where the dream is not an attainable goal for all citizens, and dissatisfaction within, however Marx suggests a vision of the American Dream is reachable while being dissatisfied as well. While both writers are unhappy with the current situation they are both wanting completely different changes to occur based on how they both believe their country should be ran.
Firstly, the two authors portray a different vision of their goal for all citizens. Hughes has a goal for all citizens to have the American dream. The people to create their own destiny, and financial investment. Hughes feels the people should maintain self-control. This is the way of democracy, which is where people govern themselves. In comparison, Marx goal is for all citizens to be all the same. Marx feels like the government should…

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