Essay on The American Dream Is Still Only A Dream

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The American Dream is Still Only a Dream
I am part Polish and part Italian and like most people, my ancestors were immigrants. Along with many, my past is important to me. In fact, my grandmother still makes the Polish dish, houska. However, my family has been in America for many generations. The U.S. is a mixed country with people who have all different kinds of backgrounds. Without immigration, many people, including myself, wouldn 't be where we are today. With over 41.3 million migrants in the U.S., colonization has shaped America by creating new jobs and contributing to diversity (Zong, Batalova). People are coming from countries such as Syria to escape things like ISIS, war, poverty, or to even rejoin family members. Take a struggling man named Divya for instance. Divya came from India with his wife and two of his three kids. They spent two years filling out complicated paperwork in order to obtain their Visas and waiting for approval. Their eldest daughter was denied because she was over the age of 21. She was sent back to India and is now being forced to grow up and search for a sustainable job without an education while separated from her family. Divya and the rest of his family have spent over 15 years following the laws in America, wondering why they can’t be with their eldest daughter (Divya). There are many Americans trying to remove newcomers like Divya and his family. This places many of them back in the appalling conditions from which they had so desperately…

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