The American Dream Is Not Freedom Itself Essay

1017 Words Jun 4th, 2016 5 Pages
With careful consideration to the current condition of America and its citizens, one might ask the question as to what the American Dream is in the first place. It is a common term, laced thoroughly with connotations of pride and success, not only for the elite, but for the common man. Down throughout American history, great wars have been fought, and millions have died to protect these freedoms that we all cherish so greatly. It is the great sacrifice made by the brave men and women who gave their lives for liberty that is generally credited for America’s preservation of its freedoms. Yet, the American Dream is not freedom itself, but a great number of other aspects within life granted by freedom. The status of the American dream is simply a reflection of America’s current condition, and as of now, its prevalence among the young has deteriorated greatly. Overall, I find that the American Dream can be thoroughly embodied by a single quote, a quote that is quite powerful in nature, and describes the cause of the American Dream, rather than just the dream. The dream itself is simple. All men, no matter what their status, can eventually reach a level of greatness, a level of greatness that has the potential to last generations. In general, I find this quote to be quite successful in deriving an American identity and solidifying its prevalence in society and its goals. Many of these goals, especially those brought on by American nationalism and all of the beautiful things it…

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