Essay on The American Dream Is Dead

1038 Words May 19th, 2016 null Page
American dream is dead Poverty is a factor in the United States and the people should not be to blame for the poverty in America. The people of different groups are having a harder time getting out of poverty. both children and adult are being affected by poverty. Is the American dream an impossible One, of course, it 's impossible because the more and more people are in poverty according to research. People truly don 't know what poverty is and how it is affecting America with factors like a low economy, and much more. Poverty brings people down and the rise in poverty dates back many years. Americans don 't know America 's state of poverty and how it is affecting different ethnic groups. Is the American dream really dead? Factors that contribute to the state of poverty in America is a low economy and much more. According to “” it is stated that many more people in America are being affected by a low economy. It is also stated that the low economy is causing an increase in unemployment which means they 're fewer people working and many more of them are going into poverty because of this downfall in our economy. A low economy has also made many business owners or big corporation owners to send their jobs overseas because they could pay their works at a lower income but still make a large amount of profit. It is also stated that a nice job that supplies great coverage for being an employee at the job you work in is becoming a…

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