Essay on The American Dream Is A Path Of Life

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The definition of obstacle is, “a thing that blocks one’s way or prevents or hinders progress.” The American Dream is a path of life, an idea of hope that has many of these hindrances on its path. Whether someone plans of becoming president, inheriting their parent’s business, or just wants to have a family with a significant other, all are trying to grasp the American Dream. But, all of them have obstacles they must overcome to gain a better future for themselves and loved ones. My definition of the American Dream is that a person transcends a class barrier, such as being the first in their family to graduate college, and providing a stable future for further generations. The obstacles on the path of the American Dream is what makes it a dream and not a reality for many, and the obstacles one can run into while trying to achieve the American Dream are, those that overcome class barriers, racial and gender based prejudices, and and gaining the ambition to work past those difficulties. The degree of difficulty of the American Dream depends on what social class one is born in, for example someone born into a lower class family with a single mother or a person born to a rich family that owns a business. Lee Warren Director Emerita of Professional Pedagogy explains the differences of class and its issues in the university setting, “The biggest factor is a lack of confidence based on real or perceived lack weaknesses in preparation… Upper class students generally come to…

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