What Is The Theme Of The Great Gatsby Movie

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Back to the time in the 1920s in New York on Long Island, as the narrator Nick 's perspective, we look on Gatsby chase fantasy American dream that end with tragedy. "The Great Gatsby" in the visual expression is working very well. It is amazing and perfect. One producer, also the director 's wife Catherine Martin is responsible for the film 's art design, Prada’s costumes, Tiffany’s jewelries are really luxuriant and effective. The setting also fits the original description to the largest limit, the luxurious parties and house, the valley of ashes, a piece of meaningful eyes on a worn and dim billboards and so on. This movie restore a real and realistic American society in the twentieth century. All the roles are representative different kinds of people which are making us thought-provoking, and the main theme of this film is very meaningful.
The movie starts with a green light, which representatives Gatsby’s goal---getting together with Daisy. Going to the deeper, it representatives Gatsby’s American dream. It appears multiple times, which is throughout the whole movie. So it obvious shows the main theme---American dream. For the first half, the movie focus on demonstrating how rich Gatsby was by showing his luxury parties. The turning point for the whole movie is that in
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To be honest, does Gatsby really love Daisy? I don’t think so. If Gatsby is real love Daisy, when Daisy said she wanted to run away with he, he had to agree immediate. But he didn’t. The real thing that he loves is a happiness and perfect life idol who was born in rich and upper class, graceful and perfect. Also it is what Gatsby are trying to get. The attraction of Daisy to Gatsby, it more likely about the attraction of the entire upper class to Gatsby. He tried to build this idol, even though he used a lots of lies to match this ideal. This is the reason why he can not accept as the ideal of the collapse of the core of the

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