The American Dream In The Great Gatsby Analysis

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The American dream is a debatable proposition that can be deciphered in many different manners, today people realize that it is just a matter of accepting the fact that there is not just one ‘American Dream.’ Some people have hopes of becoming rich, while some have dreams to be given more opportunities, others have dreams to become someone famous, and have a perfect reputation. These examples pinpoint that there is not just one ‘American Dream’. Everyone has dreams, but not all are the same. People make their own ‘American Dream,’ because they are their own person and not everyone has the same lifestyle. People believe that once they achieve their dreams they will be happy and set for life, but that is not the case today. In modern times, people …show more content…
She comes in and is astonished by Gatsby’s presence and the two have an affair for the next few months. One day Daisy invites Nick, Gatsby, and Jordan to lunch with Tom and her and it turns to be an awkward situation. When Tom, Daisy’s husband, catches Daisy and Gatsby making eyes at each other, he then suggests they go into town. Simultaneously, Tom is also having an affair with the local auto garage owners wife, Myrtle. In the end they all go to the hotel in town and a fight between Gatsby and Tom breaks out. They bicker back and forth because Gatsby is trying to get Daisy to admit to Tom that she never loved him and has always loved Gatsby, but she never does. “Even alone I can’t say I never loved Tom” (Fitzgerald 140). This gives a perfect example as to what her dream really is and how it is different from Gatsby’s. Overall for her it has always been about money, that is the reason she cannot be with Gatsby in the first place. Now people may be thinking well he is rich, but we now know that he gets his wealth from bootlegging and one mistake can lead to the demise of his fortune. She may be in love with Gatsby, but she knows that Tom will never lose his wealth because unlike Gatsby he has old money that continues to grow and has been in his family for a considerable amount of

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