Similarities Between The Great Gatsby And Willy Loman

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Jay Gatsby and Willy Loman both clearly provide us with an insight into a failed dream. In both of these stories the characters present us with their views of the American dream. To most the American dream is the idea that we will achieve prosperity and happiness and that we will fulfill all of our wishes. Each of the stories presents us with a unique scenario and a dream that relates only to that character. Some similarities are evident in both of these stories like, a failed dream and the faults that leads to these failures. There are also many differences in how and why these dreams fail. It can also be said that these stories portray the main characters as modern day tragic heroes.
In The Great Gatsby, Jay Gatsby tells us of his dream
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One of the major differences in these stories and the two men’s dreams is that part of Gatsby 's dream is accomplished. Gatsby’s dream of wealth and to rise from the poverty he was raised in, did succeed. Gatsby was always trying to make a living but was in a tight spot and was soon enlisted in the Army. While in the Army he meet, his dream girl, Daisy. Daisy would only be interested in a well off man of good standing. Because of this reason Jay lied to Daisy, and it was then that James Gatz assumed the new identity of Jay Gatsby, a member of the wealthy upper class. When Jay left the Army he quickly tried to make it back to Daisy. Somewhere along the road he was broke and homeless this is where he meet Meyer Wolfshiem. This man was a crooked swindler and gangster but he could offer Gatsby wealth and prosperity. Jay took this man 's proposal and together they made millions by selling illegal liquor during prohibition. In this way Jay accomplished part of the fabled American dream. Jay 's next problem was that he needed to get the girl. While pursuing this dream Gatsby made his fatal mistake. Jay was so consumed with getting Daisy that he went all out and tried to simply snatch her from her husband. This mistake made Daisy’s husband Tom so upset that he had Jay shot and killed. The second part of Jay’s dream was a great failure.
Both of these stories also shared a similar story line in that both of the main characters were portrayed as somewhat of a modern day tragic hero. Both men were portrayed as honest and hardworking, but we later found out that they had flaws. We also find out that both men made mistakes that led to their inevitable

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