The American Dream In Ayn Rand's 'The Giver'

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The Jungle is centered around a Lithuanian family that comes to the United States in hopes for a better life. However, the family soon falls into a great depression in which it seems they can’t escape. Each person becomes affected by the horrible working conditions of the factories they work in and because they are so poor, they barely have enough to even survive. One day they became even worse off than before when Ona’s brother, Jonas disappeared.
...[T]he income of the family was cut down more than one-third, and the food demand was cut only one-eleventh, so that they were worse off than ever. Also they were borrowing money from Marija, and eating up her bank account, and spoiling once again her hopes of marriage and happiness. And they
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After Jonas disappeared the family was in an even worse state because they had much less income coming in for the family. This forced them to take money from Marija which in turn spoils any dreams she might have of having a better life and finding happiness. Even Marija’s husband to be Tamoszius was being used for money and his chance to ever have a good life was slowly taken away from him. This all shows that the American Dream isn’t possible because there will always be people like Jonas that ruin it for everyone else. Jonas was selfish and took off hoping to find a better life for himself leaving his family to suffer. It is like a domino effect, once one person is selfish and evil, it causes every person connected to them to be affected. When Jonas left, the family had less of a chance to have a happy life so they had to take money from Marija and Tamoszius which made their chance …show more content…
Another instance of the falseness of the American dream is when Jurgis, the main character and head of the family, tries to find work again after being injured for a long time. But he soon finds that no one wants to hire him. “In the beginning he had been fresh and strong, and he had gotten a job the first day, but now he was second-hand, a damaged article, so to speak, and they

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