The American Dream: Character Analysis: The Great Gatsby

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3.1.2 Gatsby——ego
Ego is separated from id. And it suffered realistic cultivation so that it can be sensitive generally. It can gain the satisfaction and prevent from pain according to the “reality principle”. The name of “Gatsby”, which also can be explained as “by gate”. He is near the gate, but he can’t enter. This name can also symbolize that Gatsby wants to realize his American dream, but failed eventually. During the 1920s in America, Pursuing fortune and enjoyment became people’s fashion. Gatsby wanted to pursue this kind of “American dream”. His “American dream” includes “fortune”, “status” and “romance”. Gatsby was born in a poor farmer family, his parents accomplished nothing. Especially when he couldn’t marry his loved girls because
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To win her love, he took risks to break the law. And purchased a palace-like house to wait her coming after gained large amounts of money. In his mind, Daisy was like a fairy maiden. Although he knew that she is flighty and material after meeting, he never gave up her. When Daisy drove the car and killed Myrtle, Gatsby even stood near her house and cared about her safety. Gatsby had a beautiful image to life, and it was a part of his American dream. However, his romance was only a personification of fond dream. He had no sense of the distance between dream and reality even until his …show more content…
He felt that if there was no meaningful prospect towards life or no firm beliefs towards dreams, life would be unbearable. ” The comment from Fitzgerald about dream showed inner world of modern American even though the purpose of American dream was small and wretched constantly. Faced to the cruel reality, many people got difficulties again and again. Nevertheless, there still had many people confirmed their different kinds of dreams. Consequently, American dream was an indispensible ideal in American society even though it couldn’t come true eventually to some

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