The American Dream By John Savant Essay

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The United States was founded upon principles that anyone can achieve the American dream. The term American Dream can be seen in the declaration of independance and how it states that we have the right to the pursuit of happiness. Everything that makes the US so greats comes for this document giving us right and freedom that we deserve. The American dream can be interpreted as everyone that has an opportunity to make their way of living easier, than in other countries. Immigration is a huge effect from the opportunities that the U.S offers its foreign travelers. There have been so many people that move to the United States illegally making immigration a big issue.
Policies regarding immigrants moving to the United States are very strict making it difficult for people of the less fortunate to come over legally. John Savant wrote an article on how the government should give immigrants the opportunity to express their rights while they are in the United States. He argues in his article, Imagining the Immigrant: Why Legality Must give way to Humanity, “ law and morality are not always commensurate.”(347). When immigrants migrate to the U.S, they have these rights that Americans have, but the government does not always see it that way, the laws always change based on the situation that are present at the moment. The government might agree with the law or might go against it. The government has the power to decide to deport illegal immigrants, Savant mentions, “ one context may…

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