The American Dream By Benjamin Franklin Essay

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The American Dream
Starting from the year 1776, the American Dream was created and has since grown into many promises and symbols for cultures around the United States of America. One of the rewarding privileges of living in the United States is people have their own right to believe and follow their aspirations. The American Dream symbolizes a unique meaning to every individual along with people from around the world. For many outsiders and Americans, the American Dream symbolizes freedom, money, safety, and endless opportunities to be successful. One highly respected American who demonstrated the fulfillment of the American Dream was Benjamin Franklin. In the eighteenth century, Benjamin Franklin fulfilled the American Dream by demonstrating that anyone is capable of being successful and that we all have the freedom to pursue our own fulfillment of life. The United States is recognized as a great country containing a wide variety of ethnicities and traditions. The American Dream has been fulfilled by teachers, inventors, public service, writers and an abundant amount of important individuals who have all come from different nationalities. In particular, there are two writers Carlos Bulosan and Richard Wright, who have demonstrated through their writing, the achievement of the American Dream despite a numerous amount of struggles.
Richard Wright, an African American male, grew up in the south during the twentieth century. In his autobiography, Black Boy, Wright displays…

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