Andrew Carnegie's American Dream

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Andrew Carnegie’s American Dream For Andrew Carnegie, the name of the game was profit by any means necessary. Some may consider him an innovative businessman, yet others could call him a ruthless capitalist that would do anything to make a profit. No matter where Carnegie worked he was excellent at running a successful business. A prolific idea engrained in the minds of Americans since the turn of the century is the American Dream (Livesay 1). This vague concept is exemplified by Carnegie’s capitalistic views of a newly industrialized nation. The potential for one man to rise from a poor immigrant to a commanding man in the country resonates with many Americans (Livesay 2). Similar to many Americans before him, Andrew Carnegie wasn’t born …show more content…
Names like Charles Schwab stood out to Carnegie and made the climb to executive positions as Carnegie had done himself so many years ago (Livesay 163). This was Carnegie’s American Dream; harness your talents and use them to climb the “golden ladder” to the top. Before the end of his life, he sold Carnegie Steel to become “the richest man in the world” (Livesay 205). Carnegie wanted to spend all of his money before he died because he thought he was the only one who knew how to spend it. Carnegie chose to spend all of his riches was by simply giving it away. He donated “3,000 libraries…4,100 church organs. He founded Carnegie Trust… Carnegie Hall…Carnegie School of Technology, and finally the Carnegie Foundation” (Livesay 206). Carnegie gave away “$300 million worth of bonds” before his death in 1919 (Livesay 206). Carnegie’s philantropy will allow his name to grace buildings for years to come, but his innovation as a business man lead him to his success (Livesay …show more content…
If business was a game Carnegie would be considered the winner. Working in numerous industries Carnegie established himself as an expert in numerous different trades. Andrew Carnegie climbed and clawed his way from an impoverished Scottish immigrant to become one of the most prosperous entrepreneurs of his day. His American Dream had been realized and he left a profound mark on the country that is still visible today. His intelligence to maneuver manpower and capital led him to be the wealthiest man in the world and realize his American

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