The American Dream A Myth Of Meritocracy Analysis

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The American Dream
A Myth of Meritocracy

It is a universal thought that America is something of a promise land. People from around the world know of the proclamations of the great opportunity you can receive in America. However, many immigrants instead find deeply rooted systemic racism and oppression. From the 1580s, when the first Asian Immigrants came to North America, to present day 2015, Asian Immigrants have received unfair treatment caused by the combination of both political interference and racial prejudices. And through those eras, the developments over time have not reflected to the reality of Asian Immigrant situations. As more and more people come to America in search of a greater life, the lie of meritocracy grows. Based on
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Mahajan also describes the racism Chinese immigrants endured, “Chinese were called, at various times, ‘rats,’ ‘beasts,’ and ‘swine.’ The president of the American Federation of Labor said that the presence of the Chinese in America was a matter of “Meat vs. Rice—American Manhood vs Asiatic Coolieism.” This political reaction to Asian Americans would then influence other federal laws, such as the Gentleman’s Agreement of 1907, which allowed for the cease of Japanese immigration to America. All the hostilities and racial prejudices created and built during the 19th and start of the 20th century would affect the lives of immigrants …show more content…
Donald Trump, a republican presidential candidate, made an offensive imitation of how he believes a Chinese negotiator talks - speaking in poor or “broken english”. ABC 7 News’ article “Donald Trump’s Remarks Spark Outrage in Asian American Communities” states, “Leaders worry that that Trump supporters will embrace racial stereotypes of Asian Americans and fail to appreciate them as American citizens who have made significant contributions to the U.S,” proving that today, politicians influenced by the racial prejudice against Asian Americans can try to suggest racist policies or laws that hinders Asian American

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