The American Dream : A Legal Alien Resident Essay example

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The American dream Is the American dream still attainable in 2015? As a legal alien resident in America I believe citizens of America can pursue a career of choice, have a great income, and live comfortably. The ability to achieve all your dreams and goals depends on your perseverance and dedication. All Americans have the right to choose their way of lifestyle. Most of the time people are not discriminated by their gender, age, and ethnic group. America has so much to offer the citizens, all they have to do is study hard, work hard and live comfortably The American dream is the ability to attain and achieve personal goals. Most American Dream mean having a great career with an awesome slavery pay. A job that needs very little effort and attention, but produces a large amount of money. With a good income they can feel less burdensome of worries about their bills. Also having a great career means being able to spend leisure time with their family. The American dream is possible. First, most citizens should be able to attain the American dream, because of the first amendment protect their legal rights. “The freedom of speech, press, religion, peaceable, assembly, and to petition the government.” Everyone the United States is allow to peruse their dreams. Coming from an immigrant family, I am thankful that I too can dream. I came from a refugee camp with my parents in Thailand. Despite, I can 't remember much of my birth country, but I was told the condition in…

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