The American Democracy : The United States Essay

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The American democracy is made up of a few different levels of government. “In the United States, the national Constitution is the supreme law of the land.” (Darity, 2008, p.113) The Constitution was ratified in 1787; the framers of the Constitution laid a general ground work for what would become the American democracy. Our national government is made up of the White House; that is where our President is housed, and it is located in Washington, D.C. Another part of the national government is Congress; it is made up of the Senate and the House of Representatives. Additionally, the original thirteen states share power with the national government because of the Constitution, which would later become what are now the fifty United States of America.
“Federalism can be defined as a principle of government in which political authority is divided between a national government and a collection of state (or regional) governments, acting side by side and sharing a large geographical space.” (Darity, 2008, p. 113) The founding fathers chose this arrangement at the time because they were trying to break free from British control; they wanted to have a government that would give the citizens freedoms and happiness. They did not want to have a centralized government that would hold all of the powers of the nation. There were two groups called the Federalists and Anti-Federalists at the time of the Constitution’s ratification. “Alexander Hamilton, James Madison, and John Jay wrote…

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