The American Culture Essay

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In the American culture, we are shaped with the idea that boys and girls are different, therefore we should act differently. It is evident that our society has created behavioral expectations that shape our perceptions on gender. These gender norms are instilled in us at birth and continue throughout our developmental stages of adolescence. During early childhood, we are taught that girls are associated with soft and pastel colors to show that girls are fragile and feminine, while boys are associated with bold and dark colors to show that boys are tough and masculine. As young men hit puberty, they are taught to bury their emotions and to tough it out. They are taught to mask their feelings because society does not allow men to show any emotions. In contrast, it is acceptable for women to be emotionally expressive, women are not judged or criticized when they cry and are encouraged to let their emotions out. Additionally, women are perceived to be weak, and often perceived to lack the emotional and physical strength to handle certain higher positions in the work force. Consequently, these behavioral expectations, or stereotypes, are what have contributed to the discrimination against women as a whole. As a result of these stereotypes, women they often placed in lower level positions compared to men. However, even though society has shaped our views on what type of behaviors are expected of the different sexes, women find ways to not allow societal expectations to…

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