Essay on The American Criminal Justice System

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Prompt #2 The American criminal justice system is meant to be impartial, fair, and universal regardless of the defendant’s race or socioeconomic standing. As Professor Roy stated in his lectures, the foundational principles that the legal system is built upon are to be consistent and logical (Roy). These ideals should be utilized when implementing a consistent sentencing and conviction process. In other words, the courts and law enforcement officials should only look at the crimes committed rather than the individual (Roy). Unfortunately, this protocol is not upheld due to racial and class boundaries which are continually perpetuated by the flaws in the justice system. By examining conviction rates and length of prison sentences, I strongly believe that the current legal system is flawed because it can potentially favor wealthy white citizens over poor minorities due to the growing wage gap and harmful stereotypes.
Over time, the gap between various social classes has been steadily increasing, this shift plays a significant role in terms of risk of arrest and length of incarceration. According to Stanford, the wage gap between upper and lower class Americans has reached extreme levels over the course of the past few decades. Due to this recent trend, there has been an increasing number of individuals who do not have access to education and stable employment. This claim is substantiated by the fact that there are more people in prison that did not receive any form of…

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