Essay about The American Constitution And The Freedom Of Speech

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The American constitutions is a historical document containing Americas national governmental and fundamental laws, that guarantee basic rights for American citizens. This historical document is what sets us apart from other nations. In it list our American rights to the freedom of speech, the rights the bear arms, the rights to protect one’s self, along with many more of our entitled rights. Before, the Constitution was attempted to be passed several times, while ending with serval failed attempts. And on September 17, 1787, the Constitution was officially signed by delegates to the Constitutional Convention in Philadelphia. And presided over by the late great George Washington himself. This constitution has been valued and upheld by Americans for many years. Unfortunately, like many good things, some has sought out the pull out its negatives. Nevertheless, still today the American Constitution is a highly respected document in America.
Yes, as a fellow American I appreciate and hold to the rights given to me within the constitution. I feel that these rights that are listed play a valuable role in sustaining my freedom as an American citizen. Thus, like every good thing, they consist of some negative impacts. Sometimes people have a habit to try to stretch the laws to their limits. This poor habit sometimes misleads people into taking advantage of their rights as Americans. These right are the same rights that grants me freedom, and a safety. What makes them even better is…

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