The American Constitution And The Constitution Essay

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“If men were angels, there would be no need of government.” -James Madison. Unfortunately, because men are not perfect and rather flawed, our country has government, and more specifically, our Constitution. Americans have abided by the Constitution for over 200 years, and if not for the great thought, time, and compromise that the founders put into this document, America might not have been the same. When America arose as a new country, we first had the Articles of Confederation. However, these Articles were simply not adequate for our newly formed country. There were many problems with it, and to preserve our country, the founders had to put much discussion and deliberation into creating a new document, which would become the Constitution. This new standard of law however, was met with agreement and disagreement. Two parties, the Anti-Federalists and the Federalists, argued back and forth between the pros and cons of the Constitution and what, overall, was best for our country. In the end, they finally reached a compromise, which became the Constitution that we still use today. (My thesis is:) We see how the Constitution reflects compromise between the Federalists and Anti-Federalists through the concerns and plans of both parties, what the final document became, and how it has endured for so long.
We needed a new Constitution badly for our young nation. The pressure of everything falling apart weighed heavily on the founders in that day, something had to be done to save…

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