The American Constitution And The Constitution Of America Essay

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In the beginning of this video, the first section titled, “Something borrowed something new: English tradition and the constitution” what is talked about is how the Constitution of America came to be. The Constitution of America was never something spontaneously written up, but something rather adopted from the mother land of Great Britain. The Constitution arises from several different documents from history including the Magna Carta of 1215 and the English Bill of Rights. These documents paved the way for the American Constitution and many ways the system works now. For Example our president is not above the law. This pertains back to when the King and Queen had to sign their constitution saying they were never above the law, but rather at mercy to the parliament law, or in other words the peoples law. The American Constitution is a product of hundreds of years of legal customs and challenges of people and their government and under the Magna Carta and English Bill of Rights, they shaped their constitution to best suit them.
In the second portion, titled, “The Writing of the constitution: Revelations of draft comparisons” it is more focused on the fundamental writing and drafts the constitution went through. Unlike the English Constitution, the American Constitution was written down and drafted by men who were then able to compare and settle out conflictions within it that now appeared visible. Our Constitutions literary style is very legalistic thanks to Governor Morris…

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