Essay on The American Colonization Of African Americans

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The American Colonization Society was established by Robert Finely in 1816. This is an organization founded to help free African American slaves. The idea was to give the African Americans slaves the chance to emigrate back to Africa. The goals of the American Colonization Society were to free America of slavery and colored people. The first thought of the removal of slaves was during the colonial era. The Euro-Americans wanted a predominant white culture, so the idea grew more and more over time. When the Revolutionary period came, the white people seriously considered removing the black people in the country, but it was not until the early 1800s when the removal actually took place. Free black people and slaves started to grow in population, which sacred some of the white men into thinking they might over power them or take their land for settlement. In return the the growth of black people, Robert Finely, Charles Fenton Mercer, Henry Clay, and Daniel Webster created the American Colonization Society. During the Revolution Era slavery was ten percent in all British North America. In Georgia and South Carolina, slavery consisted twenty percent of the population. A third of the America’s population was slaves.1 Northern slaveholders paved the path to freedom for the slaves. Northern States slowly started to free their slaves. Vermont abolished slavery in 1777.1 Massachusetts and New Hampshire ended free labor.1 Connecticut, New England state, and Rhode Island all started…

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