The American Civil War : The United States Essay

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The American Civil War brings a lot of attention to people. It really affected the Southern states where slavery was heavily enforced. Slavery is known to be the leading cause of the American Civil War; The Union wanted slavery to be demolished, while the Confederate did not want slavery to be spread into the northern states.
This detail is important because the Confederate was not against the idea. It was slavery as a whole, they just did not agree that slavery deserved a part in the United States as a whole.This war was a significant part of America and it took place between 1860-1865 when the Southern states began to drift away from the Union. This War was a significant part of history and involved many key points which helped shaped the United States as it is today.
Throughout the American Civil War, the United States endured multiple economic, political, and social devastations which all combined to shape the United States today. This war mainly occurred due to the fact that the South wanted to spread slavery across the United States and the North wanted to keep the separation. The real fighting began in 1862. They had battles of Tennessee, Gaines ' Mill, Second Manassas, and Fredericksburg in Virginia. In 1864, they planned to limit war to restore the Union, which had given way to a new strategy. The slaves in the South had a major role in the labor burden as they usually had.

This caused them to want to destroy the Old South and its basic institution of…

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