The American Civil War And American History Essay

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The American Civil War was, arguably, the most important war in American history. Without the presence of African Americans and the ideologies of slavery, the civil war never would have happened. The Union believed that slavery was immoral, and the Confederates linked slavery to their prosperity. Regardless of this fact, at the outset of the war, it became evident that the war would be exclusively a white-man’s war. The fear of an African American revolution if they were armed seemed to be too great of a risk for either side to take, at least in the beginning. The war was successfully political in its attempts to exploit the emotions of men and women of American society and convince them that going to battle was best for the country, and even more so in its ‘freeing’ of the slaves from the south. Through the primary source documents in chapter 13, it becomes evident that the Civil War was an attempt by both sides to destroy the other, in the attempt to save the ideologies of what they believed their nation should have. At the onset of the Civil War, both Northerners and Southerners alike expected a very quick war, and with little bloodshed. Fred Spooner wrote that even though the “traitors have begun the conflict,” (13.6) the Union army had “plenty of men, an abundance of money, and a military enthusiasm never before known in the annals of history” (13.6). It was believed that by possessing these qualities, the war would easily be won by the North. Unfortunately, for both…

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