The American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, Slavery, The Constitution, And The United States

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There are a large amount of events that have happened in history that have either shaped who you are as an person or our country as a whole. In eighth grade we learned about the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln, slavery, the Constitution, etc. One of the many things we learned about in eighth grade was slavery which has impacted me the most. To think that people were owned by other people to work for them for very little money is heart breaking. Many people think that slavery ended in 1865 when the 13th Amendment was ratified but really it never ended. Learning about slavery last year opened my eyes up to what is going on in our world now. According to Ark of Hope for Children, in 2014 there was about 1.5 million human trafficking victims in the United States alone (“Child”). I’ll have you know that number keeps going up as the years go on. There were African slaves from the 1620s all the way to 1865. Even though that only lasted 245 years, human sex trafficking/slavery has been going on since Bible times and is still present today. People were able to end the slavery that went on in America during the 1600s, 1700s, and the 1800s so why can’t we put an end to the sex slavery that is going on now? There are so many people involved in trafficking which we need to put a stop to!

If you 're on a roller coaster and you yell to the people to stop the ride would they? No, you can’t stop a roller coaster once it starts going. In other words life keeps going. You have to stay on…

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