The American Civil Rights Movement Essay

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I. Summary It starts off in 1960, when a Mexican movement is created in response to anger and frustration. In California and Texas they urged better human treatment in the fields and in New Mexico fought to reclaim once owned land. They soon realized that without political power they would remain second class citizens. So they began a Mexican American Civil Rights Movement. They eventually accomplished there movement through the Raza Unida power. Poll Taxes and literacy and the incapability to speak English kept Mexicans Americans from voting. In 1823, Texas rangers were created who often hung Mexicans by the neck. Law enforcement was known as private police for white farmers. League of United Latin American Citizens (LULAC) was another organization that broke down discriminating barriers and eventually became a social club because they didn’t want to compromise their dignity. In 1940, men returned to home from WWII to realize and see discrimination everywhere, which led to the GI forum. What also led to the GI forum was the fact that a fallen hero couldn’t get buried where he was from. When JFK ran for president he broadcasted a Mexican American women persuading those to vote for him and he won Texas by 20,000 votes. The Raza Unida party which stood for “the united people” grabbed political control of the institutions within the town and in 1969, 700 students walked out of Crystal City HS over a cheerleading decision and in the end won. A big majority of their movement…

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