The American Auto Industry Environmental Analysis Essay

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The American Auto Industry Environmental Analysis
The automobile is credited to great discoveries from Europe back in the 1800’s. The USA however soon took the baton and has been a major player in innovation on both production techniques and Automobiles. Henry Ford invented Techniques for mass production which improved the layout of inputs in the production process of these automobiles. This led to a game changer in car production as what followed after were improvements in a lot factors. Design,logistics, customer service and speed became very important as the number of producers increased. America had the “big three” producers which includes Ford, Chrysler, and GM. These improvements in processes, design and technology did not advance without effects on other dynamics including labour unions, government controls and consumer expectations for changes. The world experienced a change in the field of doing business. Globalization has played a major role in the advancement of the Auto industry in America.

Even though the Americans designed mass production they have encountered fierce competition at the world stage for customers. The Germans and the Japanese have been the major pioneers of such competition. This however has not happened without collaboration among the leading producers in the industry. Most producers collaborate to be closer to markets to reduce production costs. Writers have grouped these into 3 major groups even though there are many collaborating producers…

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