The American Art World, Electric Night, By Mark Tobey Essay

1370 Words Nov 13th, 2016 6 Pages
Mark Tobey, a man greatly associated with abstract expressionism and self identity within abstract expressionism, we look into arguably the piece of work that cemented his name within the American art world, Electric Night. Breaking this work down aspect by aspect, visually and conceptually. Exploring his style known as white writing, and influences from the Japanese culture, the Northwest school, and other artist including Jackson Pollock. Finally, looking at what Mark Tobey meant the abstract expressionism movement, and how he encourage this definition of abstraction art in America by creating distinct original modern works. The artwork Electric Night was painted by Mark Tobey in 1944, its 34.2 x 46cm. It was painted on board using a style called tempura, a fast drying painting medium. With this fast drying paint, each stroke is record with its exact movement, this movement being describe as Brownian movement (the term for the random way fast moving particles act) almost chaotic. There is much more than chaotic line work, looking at a picture of his work cannot do it justice as there are so many fine details of brush work, from a distance you see many earthly tones that are very dense but with closer inspection you can notice many subtle colours within. On top of this he fills the canvas with white or light strokes to represent light, this technique he coined called white writing, which will be discussed in more detail later. One over arching theme of…

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