The American And French Revolutions Essay

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The American and French revolutions were two of the most significant revolutions in history. These revolutions introduced several ideas that are still in effect today, bringing democracy among other ideas to both France and the United States. During the 1700s, America was under the rule of the British and France was under the rule of a king. After being ruled on unfairly by the British for decades, a revolution sparked in America. This was the case for the France, as well, which was ruled with an absolute monarchy. Both nations were full of problems in terms of unfair taxes, debts, and etc. This is what both the American and French revolutions were taking a stand against. Taking place only about a decade apart, both revolutions include similarites and differences. The key similarity between the two were their goal to overthrow their rulers and establish a stable, fair, and proper country. Both wanted to gain freedom and equality based on popular Enlightenment ideas/thoughts. However, not only were there similarities, differences also existed between the two. The primary difference between both revolutions was the end result; America successfully freed themselves from the British and officially became a country, while at the end of the French revolution, decades of dictatorship began. These similarities and differences exist because of many reasons. The French and American Revolutions have similarities and differences due to several reasons. The time period during which…

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