The American Addiction And The Internet Essay

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The American Addiction to the Internet Today in America there are a plethora of issues that have derived from great ideas. Awesome innovations and laws almost always become abused by a few, thus ruining it for the masses. In the past it was alcohol consumption, which had to become regulated by the government, today social media has become America’s newly abused innovation. Chapter seven of M. D. Bowles’ Introduction to Digital literacy educated me on social media sites but also acknowledge that “sites such as Facebook have a monthly reported active member list of over one billion”(Bowles, 2013, Ch. 7.3). Social media sites can be anything from Facebook, Snap Chat, Twitter, instagram, and blogs. The usage of such web pages and apps, like Facebook or Twitter were once the social tool of adolescence, but are now the addiction of everyone. People today typically can receive their news, trending topics, reviews for anything, and even job opportunities via social media all while interacting with friends and family. The innovations of social media that I personally have witnessed in America have become abused. Americans today are addicted to social media; social networks dictate the focus of the entire society. Firstly, just as many things in this world, it starts with the youth in America; there are highly respected scholar that also confirm the social media addiction in our youth. Dr.Vivek Agarwal and Dr.Sujit Kumar Kar from the Department of Psychiatry, King George’s…

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