The American Academy Of Forensic Sciences Essay

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The American Academy of Forensic Sciences is a professional website that was founded in 1948. The purpose of this American Academy of Forensic Sciences community is to provide information towards leadership of science, and the knowledge about the legal system. This community was developed to inform and educated everyone about their knowledge about this program, and to help them gather information on that specific subject of forensic science. It is searching for people that will join their community. These people need to have, or had engaged in the field of the forensic science and these people should believe of contribuis tessential to their time to advance the science through videos, newspaper, and articles.

According to Swales, to become a discourse community they have to posses all six defining characteristics of a discourse community. And The American Academy of Forensic Science community possesses those characteristics. Everyone in that community has the same goal to advance science, and to gain more knowledge towards forensic science. This community communicates through emails and meetings with others, and they provide feedbacks and other information through reports and emails. The American Academy of Forensic science also utilizes reports and labs as their genres , they uses DNA,toxicology, fingerprints ,and anthropology as there Lexis which can be understood only by the people of that community ,and the member of this community can retire or leave whenever they want…

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