The America 's College Promise Plan Essay

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The America 's College Promise Plan
The economy is in turmoil, with the average college student being thirty-thousand dollars in debt from loans by the time they graduate. The president is pressured more and more to come up with solutions for incessant economic problems that are being created through the tremendously growing debt induced by college students around the nation. Although the president 's efforts are commendable, his proposed solution will create more problems than it can even begin to fix. President Obama has created a program that will ultimately provide nine million students a year the opportunity to attend a two year college for free. The student’s requirements to be eligible is to be enrolled there at least half-time, maintain a two point five grade point average, make steady progress towards completion and cannot have a AGI (adjusted gross income) above two hundred thousand dollars. Setting minimal qualifications and slapping on a “free” price tag does not make everyone 's problem go away, it only puts it aside for others to deal with. President Obama’s plan has the incentive to helps students obtain a bachelor 's degree, or technical skills needed in the workforce that is highly ineffective. Obama 's new project, titled America 's College Promise, is not as beneficial as it might first come across as. Yes, it will help reduce college student’s debts substantially, but it does not come with a free price tag as the president had suggested. It is…

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