Essay on The America Criminal Justice System

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The America Criminal justice system is enormous fairtale. The American citizens are being misled by the criminal jurisdiction, by believing in the dream, that the government have their best interest of providing equal rights financial ,stability, and protection. The criminal system lies told about upholding protection for the free, yet criminal justice system rate it’s population into classes basic on wealth. These awful acts of the criminal justice system exonerates many families throughout America society daily. Upon these reasons the prison system continues to grow because government focus poverty and unfair laws. The American government focus should be on correcting it society and not it’s pockets. For years the States justice system have kept its profit in the prisons ,and made the prisons open to public businesses to make profit when in fact the justice system was not built for profit. The government would rather focus on profit and inmates instead of school and poverty among its people. For instance, in 2010, 53% of prisoners incarcerated under state jurisdiction (Carson, 2012) ; this rate is grand from the years past. This statement confirm the government focus are about cheap labor even if it’s the hands of a criminal. The unemployment rates is still high, even though Obama impressing unemployment rates drop the last four years. The country that proudly speaks of freedom have limited it’s poor and working class people from ever growing stability. Another…

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