The Amendment Of The Fourteenth Amendment Essay

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What Amendment was in question in this case and what does that Amendment say (do not quote the amendment, explain the parts that apply to this case)? (5 points) The Amendment that was in question was the Fourteenth Amendment. The Fourteenth Amendment states equal protection to all United States citizens under the equal protection clause. This Amendment was under debate because people wanted to know if the equal rights part of the Fourteenth Amendment really does protect same-sex marriage. It was under question if states were legally allowed to deny the right to same-sex couples to marry and if states need to recognize same-sex marriages held in other states as a sanctified marriage in their own state. It was held that it was violating the constitution to deny the right of marriage to same-sex couples because the constitution clearly states equal protection to all.

The court issued a ___5__ - __4__ decision affirming or overturning (circle one) the original court decision (usually referencing the district court decision). (2 points)

Explain the courts decision (majority opinion) (8 points): Anthony Kennedy delivered the majority opinion to the court that same-sex couples have the right to marry. Justice Ginsburg, Sotomayor, Kagan, and
Breyer followed with agreeing opinions (Obergefel v. Hodges, 2015, 5). The court decided that marriage can change over time and can be redefined to encompass same-sex couples. States now have to recognize same-sex marriage no matter what…

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