The Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights Essay example

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In the 1790s, a change has been made in the U.S constitutions which commonly known as the bill of rights. The bill of rights has ten amendments in it that include basic rights such as freedom of the press, freedom of speech, searches and seizure, right to bear arm, and others. These amendments have established for a long time but until this current moment, it’s still integrated with American values. These values are the value that we could see every day such as, being direct, being honest, equality, and much more. This is shown by how the bill of rights covers some American values including directness in speaking, honesty, and equality in the society. Being direct and honest are the common values of American culture that are correlated to the first amendment of the bill of rights (particularly the freedom of speech). The freedom of speech given to every citizen means they could express their mind freely. According to my experience, a lot of my American friends express their opinion freely and directly talk their way through the main point. For instance, one day they talked about how my appearance is disturbing to them and directly they give some suggestion to change it. From this experience, I could see that they state their opinion directly and also by doing this, they convince others to change their mind towards them. Unfortunately, just like a coin, everything has 2 sides since directness in speaking can be seen as impolite for others. It might not be in the form of…

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