The Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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In the First Amendment of the Bill of Rights, it is stated that an individual shall have freedom of speech and freedom of the press. However, there have been numerous controversies challenging the right of freedom of speech, and how people should use this right without violating other people’s rights. A perfect example can be found when college students express their beliefs on campus. In some cases, when college students express their racial, sexual, and religious views through songs, banners, and other methods, they are often perceived as being extremely controversial. When students overuse their freedom of speech to verbally violate other people’s individual right to equality permitted by the constitution, it undermines the equality of all. Consequently, a student who verbally abuses another student is protected by the Supreme Court because that student has the protected right of freedom of speech. Therefore, the Supreme Court’s approach to this issue raises a lot of questions regarding whether freedom of speech is distinctly defined and protected by the Constitution. One controversy surrounding freedom of speech is public schools’ inability to make decisions under the restriction of the First Amendment. In other words, a public school cannot punish the student for expressing their mind because the student is protected by the law. For example, a fraternity member attending the University of Maryland, sent a letter that had sexual harassment which consequently brought…

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