The Amendment Of The Bill Of Rights Essay

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One of the most commonly known amendments are those that are considered part of the Bill of Rights. However, one of the most important amendment that every citizen should know is the Fourth Amendment. This Amendment is broken in three parts that imply that people should have the right to be secure in and of their property, no warrants should be issued without any unreasonable cause and that if there is a warrant, then they should specify the place and people of search. Many citizens do not completely understand this amendment to the extent to exercise this right.
When this nation was being establish there were many controversies about law enforcement coming into the citizens’ home to search for property of the owner or for the owner itself with an unreasonable cause. This is the reason why this part of the amendment was created, to protect the citizens of this nation. This amendment still applies today and will continue to apply for later generations. What the citizens should know is that no one can enter their homes to search for any possession or for anyone that is inside the house without a warrant. Every citizen has the right to negate the consent for anyone to enter their home. However, if there is any minimal cause that would indicate that there is something wrong inside the property, then law enforcement can enter without a warrant and search the house with or without the citizen’s consent.
The second part of this amendment is the issue of warrant for search or for…

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