The Amendment Clause And Equal Protection Clause Essays

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The Supreme Court is crucial to our judicial system, in fact, it has been responsible for deciding the most difficult cases in U.S. history. Ultimately, these cases have been controversial, and as a result, critics have questioned the plausibility of the Court’s decisions. There are also those who praise the Court’s decisions and believe it has been a move in the right direction for society. Despite the controversy over the ideals of freedom and equality there is one commonality between the differing views, in that the Constitution is meant to be a guiding source for legislation. How the Constitution is interpreted however, can be quite a different story. Take the Fourteenth Amendment, for example, over the years, it has been interpreted several different ways depending on the justices and the time in history that the decision was made. As a result, the Fourteenth Amendment Clauses, due process clause and equal protection clause, as well as the Bill of Rights, have played an important role in our history’s biggest cases and have changed how we perceive the definition of freedom.
For example, the Fourteenth Amendment played a pivotal role in Griswold v. Connecticut and Roe v. Wade. The general public is familiar with the Roe case, which has just as many critics as it has supporters; however, a lesser known case Griswold v. Connecticut is believed by critics to be the start of the moral depravity of our judicial system and, consequently, the foundation for Roe v. Wade. Stein…

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