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A View o n t he Theme Analysis of The □ of t he Wild call Wang Xiangling

( Sias U niversit y Xinzheng ・Henan
Abstract This paper analyzes t he t heme of The Call of t he Wild f ro m human’s living , working and feeling per spectives , which reveals t he relatio nship between animal world and human societ y. The animal world is act ually a reflectio n of human societ y ; t hey are similar to each ot her ; what exist s in t he fo rmer act ually al so exist s in t he lat ter.
Key words animal humanit y reflectio n

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文章编号 :1002 - 9788 ( 2005) 08 - 173 - 02 The Call of t he Wild , is o ne of J ack London mo st
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Buck had never been st ruck wit h a club in his life , but again and again , he is brought crushingly to t he ground by a vicious blow of t he club. Alt hough his rage knows no bounds and alt ho ugh he is a large , powerf ul dog , he is no match fo r a man who knows how to handle a club ef 2 ficiently. Buck t hus learns his first lesso n : a man wit h a club is a master to be o beyed. “That club was a revelatio n. It was his int roduction to t he reign of p rimitive law , and he met t he int roduction half - way” Having seen a dog t hat wo uld nei2
t her obey nor co nciliate killed makes t he alternatives clear to him : to o bey , to conciliate , or to die ; and Buck is above all a survivor. He knows he is beaten. This is obviously a man’s unfo rt unate life sto ry’s beginning. The man in his childhood has lived a wealt hy , comfo rtable life totally wit hout worries , t hus he has been co ntent , p ro ud and at t he same time inno2 cent , t hat is why t he accident happens easily. After being be2 t rayed by his f riend , he slump s into a misery sit uatio n. At t he beginning of it , he neit her understands nor believes it .
He is suffering and angry , he resist s boldly wit h hopes to re2 cover to his fo rmer life but he is f rust rated again and again

and finally he realizes t he hash reality and gives in to t he fate. Buck’s next lesson takes place when Curly , his f riend , is killed by t he huskies when she makes

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